Monday, June 29, 2009

Abbey Bags!!

We had a ball Friday night! Our fearless leader, Janet, inspired and assisted us along the way. We made Abbey Bags, which are a combination of a cute pin cushion and a thread catcher. (Michael would be very appreciative if I actually stopped throwing my threads on the floor. Our hero, Mr. Vacuum, has mentioned that he'd be in favor of that also!)

She had us moving right along! Here, Karene is carefully stitching the pincushion portion of her Abbey Bag.

We were all successful in making huge progress on our Abbey Bags! Plus, we laughed a lot!

Here, Janet whips out her handy glue gun to put the finishing touches (a non-slip pad) on the bottom of Nancy's Abbey Bag.

Below, Karene gives her bag the patented Ramsay pressure technique to make SURE it sticks! Her bag turned out Sew Cute!!

Here are several of the bags, all in a row!

And two more I almost missed..... I think this is Candy's bag.

I don't remember whose bag this was, I just remember I loved the soft colors!

And today, I brought up the rear by finishing my bag. (As Janet says, it isn't a race in her classes.) I tend to be slow and methodical, and that's okay too!

I loved making this bag, and I plan to make at least two more! Can we say....

Ho Ho Ho..... Merry Christmas gift ideas??!! :)

P.S. Janet's thinking about having some sort of a Crazy Bag Lady Night one Friday night in the near future.... I have several bags to make.... Pattern and fabric already in hand... And I certainly have the Crazy part nailed down. Sign me up, Janet!!


Yvette said...

Of all the Friday's I had to work!

They all came out great. I started mine but I had no stuffing. :(

Karene said...

ADORABLE !!!! Don't you just love it !!! I used mine in class on Sunday. It was great ! Glad you got yours done.

Jacque said...

Those are absolutely adorable!! What is the stuffing in the pincushion part?? Something heavy to make it stay put, I guess? I love those! (And Mr. Vacuum has the empathy of Mr. Hoover in this house....I am sure he dreads it when I take him down the stairs to my sewing spot!!)
I do try to be good, though...leaders and enders are piling up to go into a scrappy quilt sometime in the future!! :)

The Rabbit Factory said...

Really cute!