Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patio Spruce Up, Part 1

This patio is just sad.

It's holding all my tools from my gardening attempts, and a stack of resin chairs that have seen better days. But if the patio is sad,

the picnic table is even sadder. It is losing its stain/finish I put on it two years ago.

So Karen and I had our work cut out for us. First, we appropriated Michael's new band sander.....

And Karen sanded down the rough bits.....

Michael even got in on the act..... only fair, since it was his brand new band sander thingie. Hey, I don't know what to call them, I just know how to use them!

We then contemplated the fact that we needed a hole in the middle board, for our brand new, bought-at-the-close-of-last-season-at-a-rediculously-low-price-lime-green umbrella to go through.....

We paid a visit to the Boyz in Orange Aprons at my favorite Toy Store, and came home with a bit that fit my drill and cuts a 1-1/2 inch hole. I really do know how to drill straight.... but the picture was taken as I had just finished and I was pulling the drill out and it looks crooked.... The hole, however, is nice and straight... At least, I think it is.... I guess we'll find out when we put in the umbrella!

Success! Once the hole was cut, we started painting. I had gotten what I thought was a nice neutral light grey. But once I got most of the first coat on the underside of the table,

I was so not loving it. A disparaging remark was made by one person in this house, labeling it "state park table grey". That did it! I stopped painting and started thinking about other colors.

For a while I almost went kind of crazy, thinking yellow and orange would be citrus-y colors to go with the lime green umbrella. I was vetoed. Soundly. Several times.

I decided to err on the side of somewhat more boring, but safe.... Today Karen and I put on a new color.

This duck poop beige caramel color will be accented on table top and seat surfaces with a deeper chocolate truffle color. Nice. Safe. Boring Neutral.

Until I paint the red ladybugs and white daisies with lime green leaves on top!

Heh heh!! Just kidding.




Yvette said...

Has it been that long since you re-did the table? UGH! We are getting older faster than I thought. LOL!! Boy, it sure takes a lot of work to keep our homes spiffy.

Joy said...

You got me curious! I went back and checked, cos I thought we had used it two seasons.... and apparently Karen and I put it together at the very beginning of June, 2007....

I guess we're tough on finishes.

Anyway, with this stinking economy, we're thinking we'll be out back on the shady porch in the evenings! Cool without AC!


Jacque said...

I love the duck poop beige - but only if it is enhanced with the ladybugs!! I think that would be so cute; only thing better might be to paint ants up the leg and across the top, headed for a painted slice of watermelon!! Especially since you are growing some? You still are, aren't you?!!

Carol said...

Ladybugs and daisies sound wonderful :)