Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden update!

I did not dig up the whole garden and start over. I took the old twist tiller tool and basically with it, and the shovel, reworked all the soil around all the plants, breaking up the clay deep down beside them and working the compost in even deeper.

My twist tiller tool is not as nice as the one pictured on the link above - its an older model and my back let me know in no uncertain terms that it was not impressed with my idea to twist-till the entire garden, and shovel major portions of it also. However, it seemed to make a difference. The plants have put out second and third sets of leaves, and are actually getting taller. Yay!

Also, across from my office window, I put some flowers on the very front of the garden wall.

Here's a few pics of what they look like up close.... the petunias are just favorites of mine, and the shasta daisies are my all time favorites.... but the others are new and different for me!

I hope they do well. I usually manage to kill flowers with the greatest of ease, so I'm crossing fingers on these! I hit them with some Miracle Grow yesterday, so maybe they will decide they like it here in my garden!

Karen and I put some fuscias in pots by the kitchen window.

We really love these and hope they like the shady spot we picked.


Yvette said...

Should I send Eva over to put her magical green thumb on them? LOL!

I think they look great.

Karene said...

Nice garden ! Love the flowers too !!! Now, you need to put some on your picnic table....ha,ha,ha !!!