Monday, April 20, 2009

Open Letter to Southern California

Dear SoCal,

Really? Was that necessary yesterday? 102 degrees? On April 19th? Breaking how many records!?

And today..... starting off with a nice 53 degrees this morning and already, at 11:59, soaring to 94 degrees? With the promise of topping yesterday, easily, by 2 or 3 pm?

So not feeling the love,

P.S. 95 degrees at 6:12 PM? Not funny at all.


Yvette said...

Let's pack up and move. We can have a caravan.

Jacque said...

You can all come to my place!! Teehee! Let's just have a great big quilting slumber party!!

Joy said...

Amen Sister!!

Is this evening too soon? I'll bring the popcorn!