Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm late posting about this - what can I say.... I'm getting old!

My sister and I celebrated our respective birthdays this month... I still maintain she's my best birthday present ever! I got a sister for my third birthday!

Jacque sent me a beautiful table runner she had made! It is such a cute, springy, happy table runner!

Look at the little nine patch she appliqued onto the point!

Sew Cute! Thank you so much, Jacque! I LOVE IT!!

I got the neatest light from Michael. I will have to post a picture later when it's installed, but it is a solar powered motion-detection activated light for the front porch. You would not think, maybe, that that was such a great gift, but to me and Karen, this is the greatest thing ever! Michael compulsively obsessively conscientiously turns off lights around the house and that's a frugal and cost-reducing habit to have..... but it's a pain coming home and finding the keyhole in the dark at the front door. I usually have my hands full of stuff and by the time I get the key in the hole I've dropped a few things, like my good mood and any semblance of refined language. So I am loving this light! I have charged it for three days in the bright sun, and tomorrow I will try to get it installed and take a picture!

He also got me the neatest radio that also is a light, a siren, a NOAA radio, a cell phone charger, and a few other things I'm forgetting. It cranks by hand, and needs no batteries. Since I've developed somewhat of a survivalist mentality in the last few years, this really made me smile!

Karen got me the most beautiful necklace. I love hearts. All kinds, colors, etc. My favorite stone is an opal and my birthstone is a diamond. Look at the necklace she got me, combining all of them!!

Thank you so much, Karen! I will treasure it always!

I was given some gift cards too! Look at the fun I'm going to have:

Thank you Karene and Michael! I'm a lucky girl! I really don't mind birthdays. I know some people aren't fond of them, but hey, what's not to like! I had a yummy cake (tiny bite!) and my favorite ice cream (low carb, so BIG BOWL!) and got some great gifts!

54 isn't so bad!!



Karene said...

Oh my goodness....I love the table runner !!! Jacque, you did "good". Was that a pattern or did you just make it up???? Wow, and I bet you used your new machine too !!! I actually got to see the table runner in person when I went over to Joy's to sew the other day. Good job ! Keep on quilting, girlfriend.

Jacque said...

Thanks, Karene! And Joy, I am SO glad that you like it! I was aiming for a really springtimey look, so I combined some colors I might not at more sane moments!! I love you!! Happy Birthday to us!!