Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Britain's done it again!

Go here....


Please listen to the whole thing! Yvette shared this with me this morning (I hardly ever watch TV and if it weren't for people sharing stuff like this with me, I'd be completely in the dark!) and I've listened to it three times now!

She's AMAZING. She made me cry. My crusty husband who doesn't really go for this stuff, LOVED IT. She is 47 years old, so spunky and determined and a bit awkward and cute and absolutely endearing.... and man, what a set of pipes!

The whole thing reminded me of Paul_Potts when he won (last year?) What amazing talent! Such ordinary folks with their extraordinary dreams, and they open their mouths and you just drop your jaw in awe!

Thanks, Yvette!

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Jacque said...

Wow! She IS good! She really gave them a wake up call, didn't she?! Love to see someone surprise the smug elite, who think they have seen it all, and know it all! Good luck to her in the future!