Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up!

So this will mean I am officially posting three times today, after not saying anything at all for days....

But, psssssst!!! Hey, Yvette!!!! We're catching up! Karene and I spent the afternoon working on our April block of Home Is Where the Heart Is.... Karene actually got all her pieces picked, fused (to the fabric) and cut! She will fuse the pieces to the background block and stitch, later at home.

Sew Cute!

I, on the other hand, did not do my homework in advance. Four hours later, I had gotten to this point!

But hey, we made PROGRESS!

We did decide, however, that its not the same without our Esteemed Enabler and third Amigo, Yvette! But in two weeks, it will be May, and we can make plans to do it again!!



Yvette said...

WOOO HOOOOOO!! You two are too much!

Karene's block is so cute! I just love it!!!!!

OK, let's pick a date. I probably won't have April's sewn but we can at least get May's going.

Karene said...

TEE HEE, TEE HEE !!! Thanks Yvette....but you at least have to show us YOUR block since we didn't get post it girlfriend! We missed you ! Thanks for letting us borrow your scrap bins too !!!

Jacque said...

Karene, your block looks awesome! Joy, you'll have to post yours when you get it pulled together! Glad ya'll took some time to play with fabric!