Friday, April 10, 2009


I think I'm going to have to amend the soil in the garden again. It appears to still be too clay-ish to support garden vegetables. The seedlings did great for a week and then, they just froze in place. No bigger, slightly yellow-tinged, and the roots don't look healthy. This time, after looking at a LOT of gardening information online, I'm thinking I must turn more compost in, at least 10-12 inches deep. I had not gone that deeply last time.

Let's is two rows, 4-6 feet wide, and about 48+ feet long. At 8 feet a whack, in 12 days, I could be done turning it.

If I restart seeds this weekend, I could be transplanting seedlings by April 25th. That's not too late in the season for SoCal.

Great. I get to do it all again! :(

But seriously. The hard part One of the hard parts is done. The terracing and board placement is already accomplished.
"All" I have to do is turn over the soil, and work in the compost more deeply. I'm $100.00 worth of supplies into this, and it will take maybe another $8-10 of additional seeds (and a lot of energy shoveling) to do it all again. At the other end MAY be, a lot of vegetables!

Okay. I start tomorrow.

And somewhere along the way, I plan to make one or two of these guys to hang in the rows, along with a scarecrow or two, and maybe a plastic owl too! Just for cute and just for scaring off some pesky blue jays that have been munching on my seedling flats of flowers! Is he not the cutest tinman? One version I saw online included a heart painted in the appropriate spot - mine will definitely have that!


Yvette said...

Have fun playing in the dirt my friend. I will be playing with fabric instead. LOL!

Jacque said...

Hey, Tim's dad made the kids some of those....They did indeed have a heart painted on their metal chests, and they also had a little toy pistol in a holster, that he affixed with wire! Pistol Packin Tin men!! That'll scare the blue jays!!
Love you sis!

catfish said...

I love that scarecrow! Where did you get the pattern/directions/instructions? Any suggestions on how to keep the squirrels from climbing the squirrel baffle to get into the bird feeder?????