Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shop Hop Part 2

I tried to post this portion with the slide show below, but every time I tried, it made the slide show stop operating....

Anyway, I would have had better (more) pictures, but I kept getting tripped up by things I wanted to touch, play with, admire, and buy.....Karene, Karen and I had a fun couple of hours seeing new patterns that we MUST make, and visiting each store, acquiring a free fat quarter and a pattern in each location! (Some bartering ensued in the car after a couple of shop visits!)

I found a purse pattern I really want to try to make. There are more beautiful fabrics out there than I can ever possibly quilt - and making some shirts and purses would be one way to use and consequently see those fabrics often!

Karen found a set of Asian fabrics she really wants to get......Even with the coupon, its pricey, but it actually will make TWO quilts, so it's a better buy on closer contemplation.

Karene scored a Little Blessings kit at a great price, at the Bunney Hutch. I am going to call them tomorrow and see if I can get one. It's a cute enough quilt that I want to make it and just have it ready for a special little baby.

(Do NOT get any ideas, daughters! I'm NOT talking about grandchildren!)

We met up with Yvette and her sweet mom while we were at the Bunney Hutch and Karen found some pirate fabric for a certain godson! I found some great snowmen flannel - and a pattern that I'm very intrigued with, using a quilt-as-you-go method.

I love shop hops!

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Karene said...

SEW much fun, SEW much fabric and SEW little time !!! It is always fun spending time with my bestest buddy and adopted "niece". By the way, thanks for the great suggestion on fried zuccini at Farmer was really, really good !!! Thoroughly enjoyed the day and hooking up with our bestest quilting buddy, Yvette !!! Loved the Bunny Hutch ! Can't wait until next year !