Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Santa, This is Maxwell.

Dear Santa,

This is Maxwell the Wuss Magnificent......Max, for short. I'm sure you remember me. I'm a memorable kind of guy.

I've been really good this year. Michael is a great Owner, and I'm working hard to get over the panic attacks. Recently, I've progressed to the point that a fire alarm battery beeping (I'm shuddering just writing about it) only made me look for Joy, curl up under her feet, and vibrate violently until Michael was able to change the battery and stop that awful noise. Given that two years ago, I jumped into a kitchen sink full of soapy dishes to try to escape through the kitchen window when a dying alarm battery was beeping.....I'm proud of my progress.

I've passed Obedience School. The fact that I've forgotten quite a bit of what I learned does not negate the fact that I PASSED!

I would really appreciate it if you would bring doggie beds to my girl friends, Le Tigre, Sadie and Nikki. While I'd love for you to think that I'm just a swell generous fella and want them to be comfy.....I have an ulterior motive.

Le Tigre obviously wants a bed like mine. At every opportunity, she slithers onto the bed and curls up next to me.

As much as I like snuggling with the girls, at some point, I end up hanging off and I get a "crick" in my neck. Just when Tigre gets up and wanders off to Karen's room upstairs and I think "At last, some peaceful sleep"......

That little alpha brat pipsqueak (Sadie) gets in on the act.

Please Santa? Pretty girly beds for the ladies in my life??!!


P.S. I know where the cookies are stashed.....check in with me Christmas Eve!

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Karene said...

Dear Maxwell, this is one of Santa's helpers...you have been such a good boy this year !!! How special you are to share your bed with such pretty ladies. Santa knows too and have you on his list and is checking it twice, but being Santa's helper I can't give away any surprises !!! Continue being a good dog all year long and good things will come your way.

Love, One of Santa's elves