Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Great Cookie Caper Teaser

Today I started my Amish Sugar cookies. They are really yummy sugar cookies that stand alone just fine, but I decorate them with a really fun technique I found in a magazine years ago. I did the boring part today.

I made gazillions of balls of dough.

And then used the usual "special equipment" and "finesse" technique (clean, plastic drinking cup dipped in sugar, and smushing!!) to flatten the balls.

They baked into nice flat round surfaces which will serve as a palette for decorating.

But for now, they get stored carefully and hidden away from the CookieMeister, who happens to think they are delicious at this point.....

Stay tuned for when the magic happens! I enjoy decorating these cookies! (but it probably won't happen until the weekend....)

Look at these cute ladies who came to the Quilter's Shop Hop on Sunday at Leah's!!

Thanks for sending the picture, Yvette!

I tried to start a group of Red Hatters a few years ago but it never got past the "good idea" stage...... I was trying to gather a group of transcriptionists at that point.....and since most of my "peoples" are far flung all over the country....that wasn't going to work.

Now that I'm taking Teacher Extraordinaire's (Janet Salcido's) classes and making lots of new quilting friends, maybe I can get a group together! At least the group could have more than just Karene and myself in it! I already have a name picked.....teehee! Of course, Spring Chickens Pink Hatters would be very welcome and wanted!! (that would be you, Yvette!!)

Happy Tuesday!


Karene said...

I WANT SOME !!!! I love sugar cookies.....so what 'cha gonna decorate them with, huh, huh???? Anyway, you forgot to post the name of your Red Hat Chapter.....what was that again???
I just can't believe all the cookies you guys are making...you totally amaze me...I'm trying to be like you, I really, really am...just look at my blog....MUAH!

Karene said...

I WANT SOME!!! I'm SEW jealous. You do everything...work with power tools, domestic goddess, etc....Anyway, you forgot to post the name of your Red Hat Group on the blog....how are you ever gonna get people to join...ha,ha,ha...

Love ya

Karene said...

COOKIES...(in my best cookie monster voice)....I WANT SOME !!! So, how do you expect people to join our Red Hat club if you don't publish the name ???? Love ya

Joy said...

okay, i finally located the comments!

Name has been published!

No requirements to join my Red Hat Chapter - remember, the one rule of Red Hatters is there ARE NO RULES! This of course, is great for a rebellious sort like myself!

And guess what......we can make embroidered shirts for our chapter, with our machines! Yahoooo!

Ahem. That is all....

Yvette said...

OK, when is the cookie party??? I can't stand it, they all look so delicious.

What is involved in the hat thingy? Do we get to shop hop and sew? If so, I am in!!!! We need to make Karene a "real" quilter. The girl needs a few more projects.

Karene said...

ok, ok....I'm really starting to get offended at being considered and called "not a real quilter" just because I don't have a project in the works...when in actuality (if certain peoples would read my blog more closely) I have TWO, count them TWO, in the planning stages !!! Humpf....stomps off to plan how to get little Miss Fit Quilter back...hmmmm....teehee

Yvette said...

Poor Bernie must feel sew neglected sitting in his case.

Mamacita said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Your cookies look positively yummy. My son and I are going to make some tomorrow - can't wait!