Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A little of this, and a little of that.....and Saturday Sky

So much going on! It's that time of year and despite my best efforts at starting early, my deadlines are sneaking up on me!

Let's see. Last Saturday night, Karen and I zipped over to help Laurie get ready for a big night out with Billy. On the way, we saw this rainbow! So here's my "Saturday Sky!"

Laurie and Billy were going to attend the company party for his job, and everyone was "putting on the Ritz." Karen gave Laurie a party dress - it was her Christmas present from Karen. While they were out shopping for the perfect dress, Karen took mental notes and later, she directed me to the perfect purse, a clutch, that Laurie had fallen in love with. We went over and Karen helped her do her hair and make up, and Laurie looked so pretty! Billy tried to get a peek during all the preparations, but he told me he "got the boot!" and so he and I waited in the den, for her grand entrance. I told him, she just wants to knock your socks off.....and he said to me...."she already does.....all the time!" (melt! he's such a special guy!)

We saw the handsome couple off and then Karen and I went off on other errands. We stopped by Chipotle and saw Mr. Patrick, who treated us to dinner. What a sweetie! I do love me some Chipotle chicken!

Sunday, Karen and I headed over to the classroom again for an all-afternoon sew with Teacher Extraordinaire. I worked on my Meeses and Karen worked on the Top Secret Quilt and also started on her next project. Janet went over some basics with Karen and started her on a rag quilt.

Great progress was made on the Top Secret quilt.....

The top is completed! Karen wrapped up in it to check for size....Looks like a comfy quilt to me.

She is ready to start stitching in the ditch and then all that is left is the binding!

And here are my Meeses, who leave for the long trip to their new home tomorrow! I love it.....a Finished Object!

I meandered the white background and also the green border. It's DONE!

Now, it's cookies, cookies, and more cookies. All cookies, all the time. I've made sugar cookies in all shapes and sizes.

I will probably make another four double batches tomorrow, and then I'll be all ready for Second Friday. The girls have invited some friends, and we're going to decorate cookies together, munch on pizza (and occasional cookies!) and enjoy a few hours together!

After that, I think the only thing left is making up the actual cookie plates and packing them for Michael to deliver to our clients and friends, and his station, on Monday!

Yay, then I can have a long winter's nap!!

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