Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Magic Cookies........

After the First Annual Second Friday Cookie-Extravaganza, we got serious about decorating the rest of the sugar cookies. After I dug out the recipe for the Royal Icing and the directions for a few of my favorite designs, I noticed on the article that I had been making these since 1989. Sheesh!

Daughter Karen joined me and we experimented and perfected our individual ideas and mass produced cookies that were colorful and will add to the cookie plates a bit. Karen's cookies were so pretty that she decided she will enter a few of them in her company's cookie competition this Friday.

Karene came over Saturday afternoon and lent us a hand.

She made some really pretty reindeer and snowmen and cute kitties. (On those, if it were up to me, they would have been painted white and had sprinkles thrown at them - she made them MUCH more special than I could have!)

We let them dry on a big table covered with a cloth, in front of the Christmas tree.

Last night, I whipped through a gazillion trees, and figured out a way to make a candycane on the bell cookies.

Here's a few more of our creations.

We're done! Here's a pix of one of the plates that was delivered yesterday to one of my transcription clients.

Michael's gingerbread boys are still my all time favorites!

Michael gave up his day off to log about 120 miles on the car, delivering to all our clients. We got compliments on the cookies which was really nice, but we also got remarks of appreciation about my transcription service, which was especially rewarding! He even got a hugs at two offices, along with the thanks and compliments. He delivered a huge tray of cookies to my biggest account, an orthopedic clinic, and they were so appreciative. No matter how tired of cookies we are, when he delivers them and he sees the smiles of the staff members at the different offices, and in many cases, the doctors themselves, it makes us determined to do it again next year. I'm grateful to Michael and Karen for the days and days of effort with me on this project!

We're going to take plates to neighbors, and then we are planning that a box will be taken to a shelter that Michael knows about in Anaheim. Hopefully, the cookies will brighten someone's Christmas just a little!

That's it. The Great Cookie Caper and Extravaganza of 2007 is over!


Karene said...

Thanks so much for having me over to help decorate the "blank canvas" cookies !!! I really was fun to turn them into works of art ! Although they were quite labor intensive, they turned out beautiful, almost too beautiful to eat ! Thanks for including me in this tradition. I had a blast until MCB had to go the ER....but glad he's ok !

All my love, Karene

Yvette said...

They came out so beautiful! I would still eat them though!!!! :)

No more cookies for me after 12/21. BOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO