Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas memories

It goes by so quickly.....all the preparations and excitement of getting the perfect gift for your family member or friend.....and then the day comes, and goes!
Karen started Christmas Day with her manual for Midori (she named her new Janome DC2007LE, and the word midori in Japanese means green and is a girl's name....very appropriate!)

Laurie and Billy had to drive back from Las Vegas where they had celebrated with Billy's family.....They arrived safely and Patrick and his friend Tawny joined us. We gathered in the kitchen for a bit, snacking and catching up on news with each other.

But, then we got down to the serious excavation of the pile of brightly wrapped gifts under the tree.

Laurie won this year's prize for Most Beautifully Wrapped Packages! (I was doing well just to get paper around the presents - making them gorgeous was beyond me, but she did a great job! I hated to open mine!)

But I'm glad I did! Laurie and Billy gave me a beautiful sign..........

and the cutest birdhouse! I'm all inspired now - I'm stopping at the nursery next chance I get and will get fresh flowers on my porch and spiffy it up with the new sign. The birdhouse may hang in my office or kitchen.....I'm undecided as yet!

Karen gave me a beautiful and extremely useful set of earrings!

I am covered for any color I could ever wear. She knows me well. I don't like big earrings, but a touch of color is right up my alley.....These will be perfect!! Lately I've been getting the urge to wear something besides advertising teeshirts.....although I certainly don't mind them.....

Side story: Every time we get a car repaired in the body shop at Solesbee, we get a free teeshirt. I have enough for a week........what does that tell you about our mad driving skilz in this family? Everyone in the family knows.....taking your car over to Solesbee? Get the teeshirt in Mom's size..... :)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to using my embroidery machine to make some new shirts with a bit of decoration, and the earrings will go nicely with them!

Michael blessed me with gift certificates for two of my favorite places.....Leah's quilt store (for my class fees!) and also Tall Mouse for crafting supplies!! I am set for all kinds of fun!

If you know me, you know how much I appreciate the following gifts!

Tools for my toolbox! I can never find the drill bits around here, because they are put somewhere "safe" by Michael and my need for them never coincides with his presence at home to let me know where that safe place is, at that moment. And what is it about hammers? I gave him a hammer as a joke recently, because we couldn't find either of the two we had been using for several years. Last week? HIS NEW HAMMER WAS MISSING. Where do they go? Anyway, I have my own, in my own toolbox! The screwdriver is cute, isn't it? I can get a grip on that! The other tool is an adjustable thingie (I'm so technical!) that can grasp any sized nut and it ratchets to make using it easy and quick. Very cool! Might have to get one of those for my Dad!

And here's a gift that is very thoughtful.....and apparently also very cool, as Patrick was coveting it!

Did you see the size of that remote control in relationship to the sofa and Le Tigre? It's ginormous! And I love it. Let's face it folks, I'm getting older, and my eyes are not what they should be. Not only is this too big for Michael to lose between the sofa cushions.....but I can see it! I haven't had time to open it and program it to the TV just yet but its going to be a hit with our household!

Michael gave me hints this year (as I did, for him!) which meant he didn't have many surprises, but here you can see his reaction to the calendar I made him. It's filled with pictures of family all year, and all the important dates and birthdays are already printed in it. I had never tried making one of these on before, but it was fun, and I plan to do it more often!

He looked at every single page and it got passed around and admired. In the background you can see the red VW bus (radio controlled) that Laurie and Billy got for him. So cute! and he loves it!

Karen gave Michael this clock on December 1. Reminiscent of the advent calendars his Mom used to give the girls, it counts down the days until Christmas and plays a Christmas song on the hour. He kind of hates to put it away until next year!

Well, I must get back to work. But hopefully, I'll be upstairs sewing by mid day! This period between Christmas and New Year's is a bit lighter on the work load. Yay!!

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Karene said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas !!! How wonderful the pictures are. I got a journal from my sister-in-law, but if you think about it....blogging is basically a journal only with pictures!!! You all look great.

Love ya