Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fun evening!

As the girls get more involved in their own lives and life in general gets busy, busy, busy, it's harder and harder to get everyone together for an evening. But sometimes, they just happen! :)

Laurie spent the night with us, as Billy and his mom left a day early to go to Vegas where his sister's family lives. She has one more work shift to fulfill and then Karen will take her to the airport and she will fly to Vegas to join Billy and his family for Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day. She and Billy will return Christmas Day in the afternoon and they and Patrick will come over for a few hours. :)

Anyway, we had some very fun, very impromptu "together time"!! We shopped for Billy Boyfriend and Laurie. Karen and Laurie took in a meeting at Milton's place. Then the girls and I had a mini wrapping marathon in the den.

Sadie was beside herself. She had "her Laurie", a bone to chew, and so much interesting stuff to sniff and investigate that she didn't know what to do first.

Karen made a yummy pizza and brought a plate of slices into the den. At one point, Laurie said, "Karen, I need your finger!" And Karen knew exactly what she meant, and hunkered down to help.

That brought back so many memories!

This morning the girls got to hang out with Sadie, over coffee. And Laurie tried on Santa hats to accessorize for her work shift. Now its back to work for me. :)

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