Saturday, June 09, 2007

Does a cleaned garage count as an FO (finished object)?

Not that I'm slow or have too much to do or anything......but I finally pretty much finished Project Garage 2006 with Karen today. If the linkie doesn't work....I give you the "before"....

And the "after":

Thanks for all the help and the giggles, Karen!

Here's one idea I was pretty proud of. After tripping over this ladder for a year pondering a way to keep this ladder out of the way, I decided to bungie-cord it to the front of shelves filled with stuff Mr. B. cannot part with, but rarely goes through.

Voila! Let an earthquake try to dump those shelves! (scurries to the door to knock on wood......scurries back!)

Another idea I came up with was to elevate the garbage cans we used to house our recycles (one is crushed 2 liter bottles and one is crushed aluminum cans). Bungie cords again came to my aid, and I have the big black trashbags in these cans, so when they start getting full, I yank them out, put a twistie on them and heave them into the back of The Freighter, and they are out of sight-out of mind, but we're thinking green (and netting about $25.00-35.00 quarterly from the recycling place in Anaheim)!!


"That's a lot of cans and bottles," you say?

Ahem. I can solve that mystery right now.

I give you Exhibit A:

and Exhibit B:

Hey, the price was great! There was some serious shopping done and serious savings enjoyed. Well, it sounded prudent anyway....

(there are about five 12-packs behind the row you see at the front......there's more Coke than there is dog food!! Sheesh!)

And, there would be three more up there, if it hadn't been for the carbonated adventure I had when I first lifted a 12-pack down off the top shelf and the glue on the box failed, sending three flying before I could recover. They hit the concrete and we had Instant Indoor Sprinklers! It was a wet beginning to the day, and I contemplated just going upstairs to sew instead.

I tried to focus on the happy thought that it was Diet Coke, not the ants would likely not send out a "Party at Mr. B's House!!", to alert all neighborhood ant villages. After I cleaned the ceiling, door, shelves and myself.....I got back to work.

(Any idea whether they have a Diet Cokes Anonymous? Mr. B could use a meeting!)

Having solidified my reputation as having an extremely unexciting life, I'll get back to work. Hopefully I will get a day in my sewing studio tomorrow. :)


Jackie said...

So, who is going to park in there, now? Wow, you and Karen did a super job! I think you got the organizational skills in the family gene pool.... Naw, I got some, too; I can do that kind of stuff when I have to. My two biggest UFOs right now are updating the web site and getting the memory books brought up to date. Hope you have a sunny day!

Joy said...

I have so many UFOs in the sewing/quilting studio, I haven't counted the four enormous bins of pictures I have to start scrapbooking.....


Joy said...

jackie also said....
Jackie sent me the following after-thought in an email and it was too cute not to include here! Joy

"I forgot to add to my comment on your blog - you can't possibly have the award for the most un-exciting life. The highlight of our week was when Tim and I took a motor off one push mower and the body from another, and made one mower out of them. We were all excited when the bolts matched up, the motor ran, and no smoke issued forth. We were crushed when we realized that even when we lowered the wheels it only cut the tippy tops of the clover, etc. It appears the shaft on one motor is longer than the other....not much way of getting that blade down where it needs to be. Probably a trip to Walmart for a mower in our future. Good times, good times..... =D

Anonymous said...

deborah said....
I would love to know when the hell you have time to do stuff like that, work and actually get any sleep.
Hugs to you :)