Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yay - Progress on the HQ

This morning I had an argument with a mop......and the mop won. I tripped over it, and likely broke my left great toe. Much screaming and language most unbecoming ensued. I'll spare us all the picture I took of that tonight, while feeling both sorry for myself and singularly impressed with the wide range of blues and reds the bruising is now displaying.

No, I'm not wasting time going to the doctor for it, at this point, as I likely would just get told to "keep it elevated, take ibuprofen, and it will heal on its own in six weeks."

(ask Karene how we know this!) So, that's that. I'll save the co-pay and give that plan a chance.

I managed to get done with my work in time to practice some more on the HandiQuilter frame with my Janome 1600PBX. I give you Exibit A (improvement on the overall meandering stitch, though still not close to perfect):

(double click on picture, it will enlarge and show black stitches)

I also finished the last three rows of a charm quilt (my third, by this pattern I made up) for a really special girl I work with daily (at the office of one of my transcription accounts), who is going through radiation for her second bout with breast cancer. She likes cats and the color blue. This is what I came up with. Karene helped me pick some coordinating borders. All the squares are different cat prints, offset by white-on-white squares, sashed with blue pawprint material.

Tomorrow I am going to bite the bullet and load this quilt and start to meander/stipple it.......Hopefully I can finish it and get it bound with the bright blue paw print material and it will be ready to be wrapped up and given!


jackie said...

Cool quilt! Even if I were not a "cat person" I would still love it - bright colors, simple design...my kind of snugglestuff! Hope you have a great day today!

Karene said...

I'm sure Patricia will adore this quilt once it's finished !!! I know I love the "charm quilt" you made for me !!! Mine, of course, was the inspiration for the others you have been making....just kidding !!! I love it....you do a terrific job and I can't wait to see it completely finished...way to go, my friend, way to go !

Yvette said...

Oooooh! Your meandering is looking really really good. When are you going to bite the bullet and throw a quilt on that rack?? Dare ya!!!!

The cat quilt is adorable. I was thinking about cutting my scraps up into 5" squares for the future. Have you seen that book "Nickel Quilts"? Lots of cool ideas for the charms.

Of course I can't do any of this until I find that Sugar Daddy I was telling you about. DOH!!!