Monday, June 18, 2007

Ladybugs Galore!

Yesterday, Karen decided to take action and defend her garden (all three pots!). She had planted two Japanese eggplants and a tomato plant and was dutifully watering them, talking encouragingly to them each morning, etc. She has visions of making a yummy stir fry that she grew herself.

However, we noticed that the eggplants were being visited by aphids. Now, I have no clue if aphids are really anything to worry about.....but Karen was insulted. I mean, there's this whole back yard out there. And they want her Japanese eggplants. Unacceptable!

She hustled off to Armstrong's Nursery and came home armed with ladybugs and a special spray soap. I am really enjoying watching the ladybugs do their thing.....because I love ladybugs.

If this doesn't work, we'll bring out the soap spray she bought. Its safe for humans and no biggie. But the ladybugs are more fun!

Also on my patio? The miniature rose bush from Helen is just exploding with blooms!

And my tomatoes are still alive. Now, that's where it gets personal. I better not see anything, aphids or hornworms, on my tomato plants. Hmmmm, I might go put some of Karen's ladybugs on my tomatoes just for insurance!

(Any and all gardening hints welcome!) Happy Monday all!

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Jackie said...

Sure hope that works and your plants are safe from the Evil Aphids of Anaheim....sounds like a great screen play title. Just wondering what you will need to get, if the ladybugs get out of hand....