Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picnics may commence!!

Karen and I tackled the picnic table tonight. I had already slathered on some deck waterproofing stain and it was reasonably dry. I wasn't entirely pleased with how the stain went on, but if it does the job, that's fine. I love the color!

Our first clue that all may not be as it should be was reading the instructions which alluded to the usual "insert screws into predrilled holes."

We're spoiled, Karen and I, because we get a lot of stuff from IKEA and I will say, I do love IKEA. And not just because IKanEvenAfford it. But because their items have predrilled holes, proper screws and tools included and always, ALWAYS work.

We got the appropriate screws from the bag, and turned to the parts we had gathered and discovered.....

No predrilled holes.

Grrrrrr! Falling back and punting, we drilled our own. We measured, leveled, placed pilot holes, placed screws and washers.....

We laughed, we goofed, we corrected and we persevered!

And we have a table! (I'd advise that no one sit on it yet, as the seats are only resting in place - we ran out of sun before we ran out of project!)

We "done good!"

And we discovered Le Tigre likes Cherry Jello......

I realize that is of little interest to anyone, but it astounded me. I did not in a million years think a dog would eat something that sweet, or that strongly fruit flavored.

(We're suspicious it was the whipped cream on top that was the attraction for her!)

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