Monday, December 18, 2006

Presenting The Freighter!

It was a forgone conclusion, as I stated here.

And after protesting that I would never drive it.....Karen and I took our first run in it Friday night last week, after she pointed out that if I took the old VW van which we haven't sold yet, that she'd feel compelled to follow me in her car; the VW van is THAT unreliable!! The most memorial breakdown we have had with it was on her graduation day.....but the van was thoughtful enough to overheat after the ceremony - not on the way to the ceremony.

Karen navigated for me and all I did was concentrate on puttering along in the right lane slowly, as it is still in the break-in period....has about 140 miles on it. We went to visit our favorite furniture store, IKEA (which I translate as I. E.ven A.fford it!) For Christmas this year, the girls are trading bedrooms and getting new paint and new items for their rooms, etc.

We hauled all this home ourselves and I didn't wreck the new Freighter. Successful night!!

And one final picture.....Michael's taste in stickers has improved.....He dragged me outside to see what he had put on his new "freighter" and I came hesitantly, expecting a political statement of some sort....Like the Bush/Cheney sticker he kept on the Acura for four years......

Way Better!!! I love "smilies"!

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