Saturday, July 03, 2010

A5, A6 and A7.... and another chicken!

Got another chicken tea towel done last night.... Chicken in the feed sack!

I stitched that out while I tackled block A5 for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

A5 wasn't too bad!

Then I started A-6. Block A-6 had me questioning my ability to do this quilt.... But then I scrapped the Y-seams and used triangles that formed the necessary parts, and tonight, I finished it! Not perfect, but again, Done is Good!

Then I moved on and made A7 tonight, too. A6 took me two nights. A7 took me one hour! Sheesh!

I am making no predictions about A8! It looks a bit tricky to me!

Happy Fourth of July!!


Yvette said...

WOAH!!! You have been busy my BHH friend.

I think your Sylvia blocks turned out fantastic. I love the yellow stripe in A-6.

What a cute chicken towel. Did you get that towel at Ikea??? Spill!

Joy said...

Yes I did! Ikea rocks.... just say'n!

They have those cheapie ones with red stripe for 50 cents, which are great for doing a stitchout in advance if you choose to, and then just using in your own kitchen...

They also have the blues - that is a set of four, wound up tightly in a small roll. I think it was WAY under $4.00, not sure. I'm thinking low $3.00s? $2.79?

I'm going back for more. I love them. Just wish they came in other colors. I also have a pile of Nancy Haverson's from Tall Mouse sale, and I'm doing similar type towels for my SIL, Mom, etc.

Sylvia is a character building quilt!

Jacque said...

Wow! I truly love A-6!! That is amazing! I love the colors against the black. Really beautiful work, sis!