Monday, July 05, 2010

More "Done is Good" and Wonkiness

Let's consider making Wonky the new Black. 'kay?

Alrighty, wrapping up my Weekend of Mini Blocks.....First some Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks!

A8 - I really liked this one. I approached it with fear and trepidation, paper pieced it and it worked pretty well for me. Yay!

Blocks 1-8... this is really going to be a pretty quilt! I'm loving the bright colors against the black, even if it does mean I have to be really careful. If they were prints, little mistakes might get lost a bit - I feel like the solids are not very forgiving, but they're pretty!

And where would we be without a chicken towel? I stitched this out while sewing a block.

Chicken with a Grasshopper!

Then, I moved on to A9. It looked fairly easy. Aha! I let my guard down, relaxed, and sewed it backwards.

Mad face!

Here is A9, fixed but wonky in one portion. Too bad. :)

And again, a chicken towel:

Chicken with a baby chick!

The end of Row 1 was in sight, so I jumped onto block A10. Yvette
had warned me that this one was tricky AND (bless her!) provided me with a cheat sheet. Once I realized the cheat sheet involved half square triangles, I was home free. I printed off a sheet of paper to sew those puppies and trimmed them to "perfect" and then constructed the block. Easy Peasy!

A10!! Row 1 is done. We're going to wait until August to do Row 2. I have five twin quilt tops to quilt for the Women's Crisis Centers so that will be the real goal for the rest of July. :)

And last but not least, tonight I tackled the three mini blocks that go with the Saturday Sampler from the Orange Quilt
Bee. Again, wonkiness is everywhere, but I kinda like that navy/red one. (If I had about 25 yards of that fabric, (discontinued, from Kansas Troubles) I'd upholster my entire house with it. Even the toilet covers.

That's all folks!


Yvette said...

I adore them all!!!! Those SBS blocks are incredible!!!! I can't wait till we can start row B but I am happy we are waiting till August. I think our July is FULL FULL FULL!!! Plus we need all our energy for Long Beach.

I am with you on your SS fabric. YUMMMMY!

Jacque said...

Now, I can see how you used HST on this one...the A-6 has me puzzled! So pretty, and the towels are really cute! I think I shall have to check out Ikea!

Karene said... guys are on a roll !! Guess you're finding lots of time to not only sew blocks but embroider too !!! Very pretty !