Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Beach International Quilt Show 2010

Long Beach International Quilt Show 2010

If you'd like to look at the pictures individually, here is the link to the webshots page where they can be found:

Hope that link works!

After two days at the show, I can't wait to start stitching again! I got several patterns and gadgets!

And the countdown has already begun for next year!!



Yvette said...

Thanks for posting those!

Jacque said...

What an inspiring show! Although I could never EVER do one of the "artsy" quilts, I do enjoy admiring them! Looks like lots of fun! A real sensory overload of color and stitching! :)
And you look awesome, sis! I think you must have lost some pounds-you look gorgeous!

vicki said...

Wow, these are some absolutely gorgeous quilts!! It almost makes me want to start quilting myself.....LOL.....hey, I said ALMOST. :)