Monday, July 12, 2010

Drive Carefully, Mr. Patrick!

I hate goodbyes!

But it's that time. Patrick has left to go and live in Birmingham (or somewhere thereabouts depending on where he finds work).

He came by to say goodbye this morning - Karen was able to grab a last hug before she dashed off to work.

Michael and I wish him ALL THE BEST! Because he is the best! (He's the best son I never had!)

I know he will have a better life there, seriously! Lower costs of living, better job opportunities (he already has four possibilities lined up!) and his family is there. His real family! We've enjoyed being his California family for a long time, and we'll still always be here (or somewhere!) for him, but this is good, for Patrick! And that's what's important. :)

But I'm still sad. I'm going to go pout now.

(I hope the grill makes it!! There's a python in that car somewhere, too!)



Jacque said...

Here's hoping that things go well for Patrick! And for everyone special in his life, and for all of the folks that care so much about him! Good-byes are the pits!
But leaving without good-bye is even worse - blessings to Patrick!

Karene said...

Bye Patrick !!! Take care !!