Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have probably 20-30 UFOs in bags and boxes all over that sewing room. So now that Milton's quilt is done.... what did I pull out to work on?

Something new!

(Stop laughing!)

A couple weeks ago, in the course of cleaning out a bin and cutting more strips for my string quilt, I came across a bag with a pattern that my friend Judy had sent to me. Judy was my mentor in transcription when I first moved to SoCal. (This was 15 years ago, at least!) I had been transcribing for quite a few years on the East Coast.... but it was an entirely different field out here, namely because of all the new accents I needed to learn. The good old Southern Boys I had been transcribing were tortoises in comparison to the rapid-fire Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian accents I encountered here. Judy was my lifeline! We worked on the same account, and when I was stuck, she would listen and patiently tell me the word I could not understand. More often than not, it was a word I KNEW. I just had never heard it said quite that way!

Judy eventually moved away from SoCal and landed in a little town in Texas. She is supremely happy there tending her kitties and has retired from transcribing. She was at a quilt show one day and came across a cute little package of various green fat quarters, folded into little triangles and packaged in a clear plastic fast-food box, and labeled "salad greens"! She bought it for me, with a pattern, and sent them to me. I have never forgotten those "salad greens", although they have long since become a part of the quilts I've made. I set the pattern aside for "someday".

Someday is here!

Here's a picture of the pattern, with Judy's note that says "Dear Joy, just thought of you at the quilt show and wanted you to have these, JAC"

I've kept that note tucked in the pattern for going on six years now.... I'll probably pin it to the back of the wall-hanging when it's done!

Here's a closer picture of the pattern. This is a wall-hanging that says "Do What You Love, With All Your Heart".

Tonight, I got the top shelf pieces picked out, cut out, and Steam-A-Seam'd.

I will actually fuse it and stitch it tomorrow night. I love this basket of fabric.

I'm having Way Too Much Fun with this one!!

P.S. To Susan in Texas: Yes, I used my walking foot on the binding of Milton's quilt. I also used a decorative stitch on my machine named Grandma's Garden. I have carpal tunnel in my wrists from all the years of typing, and I just can't sew bindings on by hand.... But this finishes so nicely, that I actually prefer it! And high fives to your husband, both for the 4 years (Yay!!) and the beautiful leather work he is doing for the Big Books! I'd love to see a picture! I bet they are beautiful!



Susan In Texas said...

Thanks! I'll have to post a picture of Larry's latest book cover on my blog. They really are pretty cool, and his carving keeps improving. He also personalizes the back inside flap with the name of the person and their AA birthday.

I don't bind by hand either. I sew the binding to the back, then roll it over to the front and sew it down. Love my walking foot for that task, keeps away those nasty binding ripples.

You know, I've seen Steam a Seam at JoAnns, but I can't visualize how it actually works. I guess I'll have to look more closely at the package next time I'm at the store. lol The wall hanging is going to be lovely though, can't wait to see it completed.


Yvette said...

Oh my! You have been busy my friend.

Karene better stop picking on me and start with you on all your UFO's. LOL!! I had no idea you had that many. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH You are my kinda girl! You BHH! LOL!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that wall hanging you are making. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

You are loving applique....aren't you !!! Yvette made it addicting !!!

Karene said...

For some reason I accidentally signed in as anonymous...but it was ME !!!

Jacque said...

Wow! You have way more UFOs than I do, and I thought I was bad! :) I love your new steam a seam project - the fabric for the basket is just so perfect! It will be adorable!
I can't wait to try, and practice, and learn how to do these things!! (Maybe I had better scale back the garden a little, to have more time for sewing!!)