Friday, February 20, 2009

He Loves His Blankie!

I got to see Milton take his 20 year birthday tonight at a meeting. He spoke also, and I soaked up what he said like a sponge. That man oozes wisdom.

Afterwards, I grabbed a moment with him and gave him the bag with his quilt. He was so excited when he saw what it was! As soon as he saw it, he announced to everyone standing nearby watching, "people, get JEALOUS!! It's MINE!!" Then he saw the fish block, the bicycles, the music, the crochet abbreviations (he crochets beautifully!), and he just grinned from ear to ear and told me he LOVED it. He loved the label on the back too....

He's been fighting a flu bug all week, so he says he's going home to make some chicken soup, and he's going to grab a good book and curl up under his blankie!

Happy Birthday, love, prayers and cheers, Milton! And here's to 20 more years!!



Yvette said...

That makes me so happy! This is what it is all about.

Jacque said...

That smile says it all! What a wonderful gift to a wonderful person - from my sis, who I think is wonderful, too! Here's hoping Milton has many more birthdays to celebrate! (And that he gets over his flu bug, snuggled up under his warm blankie!)

Karene said...


Susan In Texas said...

Congratulations to Milton! I still remember counting my husband's sobriety by the day - 20 years is fantastic! I'm still working on getting Larry to take a picture of his leather AA book cover for my blog. Should be posted soon.


Susan In Texas said...

ok, the AA leather book cover is posted now.