Monday, February 09, 2009

It was a Monday....All Day!

But that's okay, we got through it!

New alarm was installed today.... and the testing which ensued drove Max the Wuss over the edge into a full panic attack. He hate beeping noises and we thought long and hard before deciding to get an alarm. He has jumped from a second story twice and lived to tell the tale. He will eventually get used to the occasional beep of the alarm, we hope. The crime rate in our area has been escalating, so we took the plunge and bought a new alarm/monitoring service.

During installation, which took 6+ hours, we had Max in a "safe room" with no open windows and a fairly contained area. There are so many boxes and bins in the room, there is not a lot of romping area. I really thought there would be nothing he could do except perhaps scratch the back of the door, which already has pet scratches on it, so, no biggie, right?


New alarm: The expected hundreds of dollars
New rack for my extensive thread collection: $20.00
New blinds for four custom sized windows: $120.00
New finish for table top scratched by claws: $$$ I shutter to think.....
New sense of security while sleeping: Supposedly Priceless...

I'm not so sure about that now! Sigh. Poor dog went absolutely bonkers at one point and climbed over boxes and bedframes and bookshelves to reach windows I thought were inaccessable.... upending my thread collection along the way, and from that point he proceeded to shred the metal venetian blinds.... I'm not sure I'll even replace those, since that's The Big Green Closet Formerly Known As Laurie's Bedroom anyway. I may just get black-out shades and hang those and walk away quietly. Does the deed and plain white from the street view.

All is calm now... And I found all the spools of thread! (Very important, thank you very much!)

Didn't get a chance to post this weekend because I was cooking up a storm.

See how fast my hands are moving as I slice and dice? how fuzzy a picture we got of my efforts?

I made six different main dishes. Tried a new one for stuffed pork steaks that has a stuffing with apple chunks, corn, bread crumbs, onions, and various spices. They get stuffed, browned and frozen...

And someday soon, I'll take 'em out of the freezer, bake them an hour, and pair them with a green veggie/salad. I'm looking forward to seeing what Mr. B thinks of them.

I have two more entres to make (manicotti, and stuffed shells) and then I'll celebrate having a loaded freezer again. I think I'll make sticky chicken to celebrate. Mr. B. loves that and so do I!

I took a break Sunday and went to quilting class. Karen is making fantastic progress on her Bobbin' Along quilt. After hours of "cut 80, slice diagonally, sew this to that - 80 times", things are starting to reach a point where she has completed blocks!

Pieces, pieces, pieces....

Whoo hooo! Happy Karen holding pretty block!

I worked on the February Tiskit Tasket block.... Got it completely cut out and fused in class. Then came home and blanket stitched it.

Loving it!!!



Yvette said...

AWWWWWW, Poor Max. I guess the price of security really cost ya.

Your Tisket a Tasket block is adorable! I love the fussy cutting of the heart.

Jacque said...

YUM!! Those stuffed chops look sensational - I gotta try that! I love your block!

Karene said...

VERY, VERY PRETTY !!! Love this month's block.