Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Milton's Label

20 years. Our awesome friend Milton is celebrating 20 YEARS of sobriety this week. His "birthday" was Sunday (I thought it was this Friday!) but he will take chips and celebrate at all the meetings this whole week.

I picked the black and white materials because I wanted a more masculine tone..... I even found one with fish on it. Milton has a fish; he says he's not home long enough to take good care of a dog. I found one with bicycles on it; Milton is an avid cyclist. I found a LOT of different fabrics with music notes, saxaphones, keyboards; he is a real "blues" fan. Hence the blue/black accent fabric sprinkled throughout his quilt.

I wanted to make him a special label to commemorate such a great occasion. I took some of the blue/black print and fused it onto Steam-A-Seam.... and drew the NA symbol on it.

I cut that out..... and set it aside.

I got "Emma" (my embroidery machine) involved.... and used her to embroider some things on a piece of black fabric.

I then fused the symbol on the embroidered fabric, and applique stitched around the NA symbol.

This was then stitched onto the back of his quilt.

And I have a FO to post for February!



Yvette said...

{{{Bowing}}} I am very impressed. That looks great!

Lou said...

Something tells me this will become a cherished gift. He is blessed in many ways, not the least of which is such a special friend.

Susan In Texas said...

What an awesome gift to commemorate his wonderful accomplishment. My husband has 4+ years sobriety and is very active in AA. Let me tell you, for me, every day of sobriety has been a gift from God! I showed him your quilt and he thought it was wonderful. He does leatherwork and has made several "Big Book" covers in leather with the AA triangle in a circle tooled on the cover with AA between them. It's his own design and is very popular with his AA buds.

Also, I love the decorative stitch you put in the binding. That is way cool! I might just have to borrow that idea. Did you use your walking foot for that?

Happy quilting,

Karene said...

WOW !!! Gorgeous !

May Britt said...

This is going to be a cherished gift. The quilt is beautiful.

Jacque said...

Your creativity and your skills are awesome, sis! I know that will be a quilt that is treasured! I know Milton means a great deal to ya'll...and I am sure that you mean a lot to him, too! Here's hoping for many more years!!