Friday, February 20, 2009

I won!!

I Won!!

I won a pattern from Annie Unrein!! She guest-blogged on and had pictures of her beautiful studio and some of her current projects and a new product (Texture Magic) that will be available soon. At the end of her post, she had a contest where you were to finish the sentence "You know you are a quilter when...."

My entry:
You know you are a quilter when…. you successfully share your addiction with your best friend, your coworkers, and even your 78-year-old dad! He taught me how to sew clothing, crochet, knit, woodwork, and take apart cars, years ago…. This past weekend, I ordered him an even-feed quilting foot for his 50-year-old sewing machine because he has taken up quilting, BIG TIME. Score! After all these years of traipsing into quilt shops with me and helping me find fabrics, he’s assembling his own stash! Another convert!! :)

I won! Not because I was particularly brilliant... but because she used a random generator and my number came up! Whoohooooo! I got a sweet note from her and she said she had read some of my blog!

Ahem...In retrospect, perhaps I should have reconsidered including an entry on "burping".... Sigh.

Anyway, I picked her "Executive Carryall Pattern".

Executive Carryall

Aren't they cute? I love them! She sells finishing kits on her site that have the exact zipper you need, the headliner material that gives the finished carry-all a really professional appearance and durability/cushioning, etc.

I was torn between that pattern and another two quilt patterns....

"Chocolat Cherie" (this pattern is really two cute patterns! click underlined to see both on her site)

"You stole my heart!" (Click underlined to see this cute one up close on Annie's site! Love it!)

But I'd been eyeing that Executive Carryall pattern for a loooooooong time.... So I picked that one!

Whoohooo! Thank you, Annie Unrein!! Happy Friday everyone!!



Jacque said...

What fun!! I love to watch the giveaways and read all the's amazing how alike we all are in spite of our differences! Love the bag - you will have a great time making AND using those!
Have a super day!

Yvette said...

WOOHOO!!! You deserve it my friend.

ROFLMAO on the burping Blog.

Karene said...