Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It was a good weekend

From start to finish, it was good. The weather has been horribly rainy, but we had brief periods of awesomeness....

I had a dog sit for one of my favorite clients. They had just added a new puppy to the family, so we had a ball playing with both of them. I slept there overnight, so the little one would have a middle-of-the-night potty break if needed. Here's a picture of Gunner, and the newest little Winston, attacking Mr. B during a potty break visit!

Meet Winston - whose middle name is TooCute!

Saturday afternoon, we piled in the car and went here. Michael had read this write up in the paper and mentioned in passing that he wanted to check it out. He has always loved cafeterias, and he passed on the love of them to Karen, so Karen (who knows LA like the back of her hand) drove us over and we had an early dinner. Mr. B had no idea where we were going until we turned the corner and there it was!

It's supposedly one of the last, if not the last, cafeteria in my City of Angels. Karen has always loved all the choices.... as a child she would ponder them just as she did candy, on the candy aisle. "Pick out a candy bar, honey" resulted in a long wait while she weighed her options and selected one! The cafeterias in Chicago and Texas when she was growing up, were her favorite dining experiences.

Here are some picture of it.... including, if you go through the eight pictures, the requisite green jello choices!! A cafeteria MUST have jello salads! Not that I'd touch them, but I remember them from MY childhood when my grandparents took me to the cafeteria!

Laurie was not able to be with us, and she was missed! Here's a pic of me and Mr. B at dinner....

I had a great time quilting this weekend. We had a sewing session at CozyCottage .... our dear Janet was recuperating from hand surgery, so we got to meet there and sew, but we missed our Fearless (and Very Wise) Leader!

I also had a productive time in my sewing room. Here, I have loaded Milton's quilt to machine quilt it.

And here, I have finished it!

Next came the binding (I do not like binding..... just say'n!)

And here it is, all done! Karen is holding it from the sewing room, over the railing so I can get a picture of the whole thing for my "quilt book"!

I will start another post and show the label I made. Too many pix makes Blogger contankerous!

P.S. Thank you Mr. B for making the weekend even more special by doing the dishes and helping with the dog sit! I got more time to sew! :)

And thank you also, for the 2.5 POUNDS of shrimp! Who needs roses??!! NOT ME! I've enjoyed those shrimp for days now, and still have half of them frozen for "later!"


Yvette said...

Oh my, that puppy is cute. I am surprised you didn't come home with him.

I love Clifton's. I always end up with a stomach ache but it is well worth it. LOL!

Milton's quilt is done. YIPPEEEE!!! What is going on the frame next?

Jacque said...

Oh, he is one for the blog - must have pictures of him!! Looks like you had fun, and the shrimp sound yummy!
Milton's quilt is wonderful!