Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuff Boy is getting Tuffer

I've noticed I may need to purchase new "frugal" papertowels soon. The nice white pile has been dwindling (because I keep forgetting and using the good ones for really grungy jobs) and the somewhat tired-looking pile has been growing. Not a big deal to me. They all work the same, but I like to have nicer looking ones in the kitchen for guests to use to dry their hands, etc.

Anyway, every now and then one has come through the wash looking a bit ripped, and I wasn't sure if the quality of the batch I got at Home Depot wasn't up to snuff, or if there was some other reason.

Then I noticed Tuff Boy had requisitioned one during TuffBoy-Practice. Maybe to towel off with, after all his exertion?


They are using them as part of the Tuff Boy workout equipment! No wonder my pile is looking a tad ripped up! (sorry these pix are so blurry - they are moving faster than my camera can focus!)

And when I tried to retrieve it? They BOTH tried to hang on.....

Guess who won?

All that practice is paying off! :)


Jackie said...

ohhh, that is just too cute! They look like they are having such fun, especially when you were on the other end of the "exercise equipment"...
Love you,

Karene said...

Hey, Tuff Boy and Crazy Sadie !!! You guys really know how to get your exercise. Guess you're taking after "mom" at Curves but where the warm down station!!! Keep up the good work....cos "Auntie" loves all the pix !

Auntie K