Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Morning Garden and my new Favorite Color

I took a few pix in my "garden" this morning. (definition of "garden": six lonely plants on an otherwise uninhabitable slope)

Something very exciting was going on. Keeping in mind my low threshold for excitement, this will obviously amuse those of you dear readers who happen onto this blog and have Real Gardening talent.....

My cucumber plant was sporting yellow blossoms! I stand a decent chance of a cucumber, or maybe four! to put on my salad.

My cantalope was getting into the sporty yellow blossom look also! I was too far away for them to show up well, but they ARE there!

And my pumpkin plant (above) was hiding a Big Yellow Blossom deep in it's tangled vines. According to the information on the label (which we failed to read until it was planted) this blossom could turn into a Very Large Pumpkin. Like 50+ pounds. I'm contacting crane services to get estimates on future transporting of said pumpkin from uninhabitable slope, to front porch for carving!

Or straight into my kitchen for baking/freezing of pumpkin meat and roasted pumpkin seeds!

My zucchini (above) is just teasing me. Lots of growth and not one single flower.

My watermelon is not even doing as well as the zucchini. It is looking fine but not growing very fast at all. I have NO idea if this is normal.

My tomato plants, the big variety (the name escapes me-not Roma, just round), are growing and sporting tomatoes and a lot more Yellow blossoms......

And my cherry tomatoes which I planted for Mr. B.....they are also doing fairly well and popping out with Yellow blossoms.

Now, I never was a fan of the color Yellow. BUT IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE!

Here are a few pix of my flowers currently managing to stay alive....because, you know, steer manure, it is a wonderful thing!

And for Karen, in case she checks the blog while she is in NYC/Canada.....

Le Tigre, she misses you!

And for Michael, who thinks I need to post more dog pictures...... Here's Max the Wonderdog.....out sniffing the morning air.....

Later today, my "garden" is scheduled for expansion! I will be adding a butternut squash plant to the lineup on the slope. (on left in picture below)

Hopefully that will turn into butternut squash soup! Yum!

I think that's all I have to offer this fine summer day. I'm working very hard this week to try and stay caught up. I am hoping to spend the Fourth of July weekend celebrating by turning on the air conditioning, sewing, sipping iced tea, and sleeping.

It takes so little to keep me content!



Yvette said...

I agree with Mr. B. More dog pictures please. ;)

I can't wait to be invited over for a fresh salad.

Joy said...


I'll work on that (more dog pix)...

though I much prefer quilting content!


Karene said...

I too love the dog pictures as well as the garden pictures and the quilt pictures !!! Heck, I just love your pictures !

Love ya

p.s. Do I get some salad too !!!

Jackie said...

Yay!! Your garden is doing great! Those things are going to spread all over everywhere and give you lots of cheap produce, just wait and see!! Everybody will dash home for great fresh salads...and the pumpkin plans sound wonderful!
Love you, Jackie