Thursday, July 24, 2008

For Karene, especially

For Karene, because I forgot to blog it earlier - my Saturday Sampler square.....

And for anyone amused by enthusiastic small dogs.....

"I know if I keep pulling, I can get this toy in my bed!"

"I think I can, I think I can...."

"Can't I? Barkity-bark-bark!!" (canine cursing, I'm sure)

Yes, I put it in the bed with him right after I stopped giggling took the pictures.

(Also, I moved the electrical cord. I had been moving a portable fan when I noticed what he was doing and stopped to take the pictures. Fan/cord were removed immediately after I stopped giggling took said pictures... No enthusiastic small dogs were harmed (or shocked) during the creation of this blog post!!)



Jackie said...

That is your prettiest Sampler square yet!! At least, it is the one I like best so far!!

Karene said...

YAY!!! Thanks !!! I'm sew jealous that your block is done....cos I'm behind both you and Yvette....(heavy sigh)...oh well, one more week to get it made before I have to pay for the next block. Looks good my friend and at least you didn't switch the golds like Ms. Yvette did....just kidding !!! She does such awesome work, I have to tease her about something, you know !

Love ya