Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're Set!

Lookie what showed up on my porch yesterday! Karene happened to come by to pick up something at about the same time, and Mr. B got our picture with our big buy.....(we went halvsies on it!)

That box is almost up to our shoulders and it's Warm and Natural Batting.....40 yards, at a rediculously reduced price! We saved $130.00 off the original price and only paid $6.00 apiece for the shared shipping!! Our best calculations show it will be as if we got the batting for less than $5.00 a yard! I've not seen it that low in any stores. Frugal batting means more money to spend at quilt shops!!

We're going to store it in the Big Green Closet upstairs (formerly known as Laurie's bedroom).

Of course, Sadie was beside herself at the prospect of a visit from Auntie Karene.......It took her a while to stop wiggling and racing around madly, but then she said a proper "hello" in her own unique fashion. She sits up on her back feet and raises her front paws and wraps them around your hands. She greets me this way every single cute!

Off to conquer Thursday! Saturday Sampler is almost here! :)

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