Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Done! And not too shabby!

It's Finished! I threw dinner in the crock pot and I went upstairs determined to conquer that last side of Laurie's quilt, or bust!

Evidently, the Time Out helped (it helped me, not the quilt!) and stitching went much more smoothly today. I finished the quilting in the border, with the butterflies and hearts.

And then I put on the binding and used the same decorative stitch for this one that I used for TiJae's quilt. In retrospect it might have been more stitching than the narrow border needed, but hey, it will never come unstitched!!

I put it on top of the island in the kitchen (obviously, I have NOT refinished that cabinetry yet! Ugh!) and I took the lint remover to it. I got all the dog hair and stray thread and batting lint off. Then I tossed it in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet and a damp towel, to tumble out any wrinkles and freshen it. Hopefully, this weekend, I can give it to Laurie. She lives closer to the beach and it's cooler there, so I hope she gets some use from it before the hot weather kicks in down there. It's bigger than it looks - four times the size seen in the picture - almost queen sized.

Fresh from the crock pot, the steaming bowls of beef stroganoff kept the Peanut Gallery happy......All in all, it was a good afternoon.

(Overlook the cluttered table!! We did!)

Next, I need to piece the back for the checkerboard quilt. Then I will focus on the rail fence pattern quilt for Michael's friend's wife....

And maybe refinish a cabinet or two. Maybe.

I'd rather be quilting!

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Jackie said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure she's going to love it!
Love and hugs, Jackie