Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Sampler Plus Show 'n Tell

Karen and I got up early to go check out the Saturday Sampler for 2008 at Leah's Fabric Gallery.

Janet Salcido, Teacher Extraordinaire, has been working very, very hard to make this year's quilt, and it is positively gorgeous. These two pictures show the "early birds" gathering for the Show 'n Tell.....our numbers easily doubled by fifteen minutes later.

I'm sure you can do this year's Saturday Sampler quilt in any fabric you like, but they have kits made up for a floral, and a batik. Here they are!

The Floral:

The Batik:

I am not sure if Janet made both the floral and the batik sample, but they are just stunning.....and if I find out someone else made the batik, I will update this.

I made a slideshow of some of the Show 'n Tell portion of the morning. However, it wouldn't let me imbed it instead I will just post a link to an album containing all the pictures.
These are last year's Saturday sampler quilts. If completed by today, the quilter received a $10.00 gift certificate from Leah's. Some of the quilts shown are BOM quilts from earlier years, and also some of the quilts are last year's sampler, done with different fabrics.

To see all the pictures Karen took this morning, here is a link to the entire Photobucket album:

Saturday Sampler Snow and Tell

After we left the Show 'n Tell, we headed for the gym. We were all gung ho to get back on the exercise "horse"......having fallen off somewhere amongst a pile of Christmas cookies, back in November. We pulled up to the gym and it appeared that every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Mildred, Maude and Sue) were there. Change of plans! We went home and got Le Tigre the WonderDog, and went up to the reservoir and walked a bit. Can we say "happy dog?"

This next picture I told Karen we should caption as "Tiger praying while Karen is driving!" Karen is an excellent driver, but it's a funny picture!

(Click to enlarge and notice her eyes squeezed tightly shut!)

Oh, we also picked up the instructions for the first (and second) of the 2008 Mystery Quilt BOM at Leah's! Karen and I will likely go to M&L's for material in the very near future so we can start that also! Sew many projects!



Anonymous said...

HELP! I am trying to finish the floral version of the sampler quilt from Leah's 2008/09. I evidently didn't do two of the blocks and I can't find the patterns. Did you keep yours? Could I beg a copy of the one in the top row, far right and bottom row third from left? (Yes, Janet is a great teacher.)

Karen Rauch

Joy said...

Hi Karen, I don't know if I kept my patterns, I am thinking that I may have gotten rid of them, but I am going to dig in my sewing room tomorrow and see if I can find them for you.

Also, I think I have some free squares from the BATIK version, and I will go through those and see if I have the patterns you are searching for in that bag!! If I do, you are welcome to them! the patterns would be the same.... and if you have the fabric, you are set. I may also have some of the old floral fabric sitting around, so I will check for that also.