Monday, July 09, 2007

Random things.

Random thing #1. Its been a while. I am not entirely my normal positive self right now, but I'm working on it. Life throws you curves sometimes. I haven't felt like doing as much recently, but tonight I escaped to my sewing studio and spent a little time bonding with the Handi-Quilter frame and Janome 1600PBX.

I am getting a little better at meandering, and I am encouraged with how well it works. Especially when you remember to do important things, like putting the presser foot down!

Hey, stop laughing! There's a lot to remember! I got a large number of other things in place, set up, ready, adjusted, turned on, clamped down, pinned, and forgot to put the presser foot down. So, yes, I spent the first half hour painstakingly pulling out some birds' nests on the backside of the quilt. And then I tried again.... (double click to enlarge pix)

With any luck I may have that quilt off the frame tomorrow or the next day. I would like to try a kitty footprint pattern around the borders.....but that will depend on my intestinal fortitude when the time comes. Plain straight stitching might be a more prudent choice that would leave more of my hair (what little there is left!) intact on my head!!

But as soon as I get this one off the machine, Laurie's butterfly quilt goes on - Yay! I will likely meander it also - I'm a long ways from being able to do actual designs with a lot of accuracy. And yes, its the same butterfly quilt I worked on in Wyoming almost a year ago. I'm slow. Moving on!

Random thing #2. I read a comment on another blog today, talking about the four seasons in Southern California....and while I realize these disasters occur in lots of other places (so please don't be picking on my SoCal, which I happen to love a lot).......I did think this was cute: The four seasons here are Earthquake, Flood, Mudslide and Fire. (grin)

Random thing #3. A message one daughter left on her dad's car one morning last week. I don't have a picture of his response, but it was similar.....

Random Thing #4. A few serious thoughts, because as much as I like my blog to be lighthearted and upbeat, sometimes my life isn't. I commented to someone the other day, that the Beatles had it all wrong. Love is not all you need. If love was all you needed, a mother's love, one of the most powerful forces on earth, would be enough. And its not.

I would die for either of my children. And if I thought that it would free one of them from the monkey on her back and heal her mind, I would hug her one last time, and stand up and say, "fire when ready."

Life isn't always fun, and it sometimes Just. Really. Sucks. But those times are offset by such totally worthwhile moments, and I want them both to live, long and free, to experience those moments. I want them to know how absolutely indescribably precious and beautiful they are, and how much I treasure them and what joy they bring to my life. I want one in particular to believe it and to believe in herself. I want her to find peace and healing.

It is all I want. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

Random Thing #5: Why we should close the shower door when Le Tigre is on the prowl.

Random Thing #6: Max the Wonder Dog, catching up on current events with Michael.


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