Friday, September 24, 2010

Jacque's second 4-patch floral is quilted and bound...

Yay! A finish for the Crisis Intervention Service home! This is the second quilt top that Jacque made, which should have been completed before I left for Cody. However, the universe laughed at me, and my dictation system became terminally ill the night before my 6 AM flight, and no quilting got done that night!

All is better. My new Bytescribe system is on its way to me. We're limping along on the old one and looking forward to the arrival of the new one. And last night I went upstairs and bound this quilt, two weeks later than planned!

Thank you Jacque! It's in the bottom of a big box I purchased to bring my strings back home.... Still not sure how they grew so much while I was in Cody! Next up, will be two adorable quilt tops that Karene made! They are way bigger than crib, a bit less than twin size, so these will be for the two toddler beds at the home.

After that, I have an Irish Chain to quilt and bind. And then I tackle the two double size quilts. Tops are made, and quilting will probably be done very simply, in the ditch, etc, on my Janome off the frame, on the dining room table.

We're still short at least one twin, possibly two. If anyone has any ideas, or wishes to help knock out another string quilt (I have a string twin in progress, five 20 inch blocks out of the twelve needed are already constructed), or wants to help make a fast (BIG blocks) fractured nine-patch top, let me know!! Cold weather is fast approaching Big Sky Country!

I'm off to tackle my Friday! I want to get my work out of the way so I can quilt for Crisis Centers Saturday and maybe get a few of my Sylvias done on Sunday!


Yvette said...


OK, can we have a string sew-in??? If we have as many sewing as possible we could get someone to just iron and square up. I'll bet 2 tops can be made in an afternoon. We could rotate at the sewing machine.

Joy said...

Lots of 10 inch white squares on hand.......check!

Box of ever multiplying strings......check!

Expandable dining room table with multiple extension cords..... check!

P.S. Lunch is on the house!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast you get those quilts done and still make them look BEAUTIFUL!!! You do great work.
The kids are coming tonight for the weekend so, as you can guess, my time will be taken up with Natalie AKA PeanutButter or PB for short. Of course I might pay some attention to Jeannine and Brian. Joe has been down on LI visiting his parents (sister and brother too) and will be back tomorrow morning. Don't you know since I was looking forward to having all this time to do needlework, I ended up spending nearly all week cleaning up the mess all over the house, finding hiding places for Christmas presents and running errands :(
Have a good weekend with lots of sewing being done. I am looking forward to more pics of beautiful quilts.

Jacque said...

Say, that looks pretty good!! Your progress is awesome on your project! Sure wish I could come and play at your sew-in!
Love you all,