Monday, September 27, 2010

B3, B4 and B5

I spent some time converting The Big Green Closet Formerly Known as Laurie's Bedroom back into a bedroom yesterday. That's a job that will be ongoing for quite a while. We're shifting things around a bit and I'm trying to reorganize my sewing area. I was able to consolidate some of the bags of grouped fabrics into bins, and label them. I discovered an entirely forgotten bin of strings. And the box with everything needed to finish my Home Is wallhangings. I will finish those, and then strip any left overs and add to the string box. Next year. Maybe.

Anyway, when I was at the point that I could not see straight and could walk around upstairs without risking personal injury again, I sat down to take a break and work on some Sylvias.

B3 (above) was paper pieced. I'm finding that I have a love/hate relationship with paper piecing. As in, I sometimes am not fond of it while I'm doing it, due to my occasional need for unsewing and resewing... And I LOVE the finished product.

B4 was designed to lull me into a false sense of serenity. I whipped through this one in no time.

B5 whipped me. I have not ever done a hexagon (Grandmother's Flower Garden) before. And I can say with absolute assurance that though I think they are Oh Sew Cute? Especially in 30's reproductions? I don't ever plan to do another one! I do, however, have plans to cut some hexagons and plaster them on some flower pots.... cos I'm weird that way, and there is no hand sewing involved. Heh heh!

If I ever have time do carry through on that flower pot idea (pencilling it in for 2012), I will post pix. Okay, back to my Monday. I have a vet appointment for Ms. Sadie, and a new dictation system arriving today (I think). Hopefully, I can quilt Karene's quilt tops starting tonight! Happy Monday all! Hopefully we will not melt with the 105 degree temps today!

:) (Note to self: do not use resized pix on blog..... they don't embiggen!) Sorry!


Yvette said...

I am so proud of you!! 3 SBS blocks in one day is a HUGE accomplishment. Now we need to lock you away for a few weeks with just your supplies so you can get caught up with everything. We can have food and water sent up to keep you sustained.

Jacque said...

Aha! Your first hexagon block!! You should see all of my Grandmother's Flower Garden 30's repro fabrics, no less! I hope to make them into a tablerunner one day!
I am using cardstock templates to stitch each fabric hexagon around, and then sewing them all together. It's hand work that I carry with me never know when you'll have to sit and wait, and then you're glad you have something to work on!
Your blocks are beautiful!