Friday, September 17, 2010

Dinner at the Mayor's

Mom mentioned to me that we'd be going out to dinner Thursday night. She didn't say much else until just about time to go. Then she advised me to clean up a bit and "maybe wear some earrings!" My eyebrows shot up!

"Where are we going?!" She announced that "we were going to the Mayor's house for dinner." I nearly had a heart attack. She took pity on me and showed me a pamphlet. The old
Mayor's_House had been taken from its original location in 1997 and placed on a lot in town and it has been made into a gorgeous dinner spot. Here are some pix from the evening, and hopefully, I'll be able to properly insert captions under them!

This is the Mayor's House. I could love a house like that! So much history and character!

A Victrola! (See the hand crank on the side?)

A gentleman's "secretary".

Of course my eyes landed on the sewing machine! Look at the ladies' boots hanging from one side!

I'm gawking at the tin type ceiling....

The fireplace in the parlor.... and what's that on the hearth?

A chicken! :)

The old rotary phone in the hallway.

The parlor....home of the Victrola, a pretty piano, and the fireplace with the chicken.

Another interesting ceiling. I wonder if I could hang wallpaper on a ceiling?!

I know that pretty lady!

Mom and Dad sharing a tiny lemon sorbet we were given between courses.

The meal was perfection. Dad had some grilled shrimp, Mom had buffalo medallions and I had a huge grilled chicken dish. We played musical plates at one point, so we could each savor each other's dishes. I got two of the shrimp, a buffalo medallion, and they got to try my chicken, etc. My chicken was so big we brought home enough for them to have lunch the next day! The food was absolutely wonderful and for how delicious it was, very reasonably priced, I thought. The different sauces were flavorful without being overpowering and I savored the meal from start to finish. Then, there was dessert!

Mom's favorite: Red velvet cake with a creamy icing!

After dinner we got a peek at one of the bedrooms in the home. (It is a bed/breakfast business.)

And there was a quilt on the brass bed!

I'll blog more later!!


Yvette said...

How fun! I am so glad you took pictures to show us. I look forward to more.

Jacque said...

What a nice place to have a special dinner - good food and good memories! I am so glad you are having a wonderful time with them!