Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching up....#4

Okay, this is the last post from my trip... I think. I feel like I've forgotten some stuff, but maybe those things will come to me when I consolidate my different folders of pictures, and I'll post more if that's the case.

This post concerns the seemingly innocent box of strips that I brought with me on my trip, to work on a string quilt for the Crisis Center home, with Dad, while I was here.

Now, we started off with a bang, as you could see in an earlier post.

This is the infamous box of strings.

Then I got side tracked for a day with quilting Jacque's quilt top. :)

Dad soldiered on, churning out square after square! I finished Jacque's top, and rejoined the string block effort, and we produced string blocks until we were having nightmares about them. The quilt kept getting bigger. The box of strips did not seem to get proportionately smaller!

Dad's hand gave him fits from time to time, but he just chalked it up to his old friend Arthur Itis, and kept on sewing.

Last night, he had the honor of stitching and ironing the very last block.

And then he put it into place....

And I commenced with sewing those last three rows together. Then I joined the two portions of quilt together. DONE! One double-sized quilt top for the Crisis Center!

It wasn't until today that Dad noticed that his thumb was not just sore, but swollen on the hand that he recently had caught in a kind of crush injury between a saw and a large piece of wood. So while we were at the Wellness Center this morning, he had a few x-rays. Guess who has been sewing with a fractured thumb all week!?

It's a hairline fracture, but it's an extensive one. His thumb is now immobilized for three weeks!!

We came home from the doctor's office, and before we packed up the quilt top to come home with me for quilting, we took some pix on the front porch. It's a wonder you can see the quilt, because it was windy enough that I thought it might blow over to Southfork.

I love this quilt.... I may have to make myself one!

Mom got under it and we almost lost her! It's BIG.

Now, having folded the top and put it in the bottom of the box, I picked up the box of strips, which should have been way smaller than when I got here.

There is something very wrong with this picture. Why hasn't the quantity of strips gone down! I came up here with one box; I'm going home with two. And I didn't buy any fabric or souveniers!
Dad has a theory...... he thinks they are "being fruitful and multiplying" while we are not looking. Anybody want to join me in another string quilt project??!!

Okay, I'm off to get some rest - there's a ticket in my bag that says I have to be on that plane when it takes off at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

(I miss my parents already! I'm coming back in the spring and it can't happen soon enough!)


Yvette said...

WOW!!! Your string quilt turned out great!!! Your dad is quite the trooper sewing with a fractured thumb. YIKES!!!!!! You should have left the strings there, Lord knows we will have another box soon enough. LOL!!!!

Have a safe trip home, I missed you!

Jacque said...

Such cute pictures and a gorgeous quilt top!! I will verify that strings do box never seems to dwindle!!
Hope you have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Deborah wrote:
I just checked out your blog - OMG, what great pics. You certainly had a wonderful time (except for your dad's boo-boo). Looks like they had just as good a time as you!

Karene said...

What a gorgeous string quilt ! I know you showed these to me before but I don't think I've seen one finished. I hope your dad's thumb gets better quickly so he can get back to quilting soon ! Loved all the pictures and stories of your trip to truly is a beautiful place to be ! All my love, my friend