Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching up....#3

Which is really #4, because the Mayor's house was really Catching Up #3, but anyway!!!

These are some pictures from the late yesterday and today - I will put it up as #3 and #4....

Another gorgeous Cody sunrise.

Embiggen to see herd of antelope in the distance. It's still very early in the morning.

For my VW bus-loving husband!! They cut a section out of this one, I guess, but I love the paint job!

This young buck is maybe 15 feet from my car window! We saw these deer on the way to the Wellness Center (where I had a session on the Dreadmill, and my knee lived to tell the tale!)

Hanging out in the 'hood!

So graceful!


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Jacque said...

Where's Thumper?? :)