Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crisis Center Quilt Top #1

Here’s the first finished quilt top for the Crisis Centers my dad and mom work with. I will layer it with batting and backing tomorrow, pin it, and then start quilting it all together. It's an easy pattern (Take Five Gets the Point) but I had fits with it when I was arranging the blocks.... completely pilot error, I'm sure. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it has the colorful and scrappy look I was going for, and I think I’ll like it MUCH better when it’s quilted and has the binding on it. I'm giving thought to trying some quilting patterns with my embroidery machine around the sides.... but I may get over that in an effort to get going on quilt top #2.

I have enough scraps left over (and this was donated fabric from sweet Ms. Ellen to start with!) to make several Sunbonnet Sue blocks and I hope to do this with scraps from each quilt I make, thereby gaining a whole ‘nuther quilt at the end of this project, with bits and scraps from each quilt along the way.

The Little People took the opportunity to test the quilt top for softness and check it out as a wrestling surface.

Tuffboy goes for the throat!

And Kimi retaliates with an assault on his leg! That’s my girl!

I made Chicken Piccata from Pioneer Woman's website for dinner and DH said it was was great. In fact he suggested I write to her and mention that so far, every dinner and dessert I've made from her recipes has been a "keeper". (Last night there may have been some funnel cakes made using a recipe from her Tasty Kitchen site, that made us think it was August and time for the Orange County Fair!)

Good night!


Yvette said...

Wow! You made that top in record speed! I think it looks great. Why not put it on your frame and practice pantographs?

Jacque said...

Love the scrappy quilt! I know the Center will appreciate it! Yvette's idea for the quilting sounds good!
Love you,

catfish said...

I love it and the colors are the best!!