Thursday, March 18, 2010

Being Green!

I'm not getting as much sewing done as I'd like.... but then, I'm not sure there would ever be a time when I got as much done as I liked!

I did have a chance to make a birthday present for my Mom this past weekend. She doesn't read my blog, so I can show it.... ;)

She was "green" before being green was cool. She has recycled as long as I can remember, and she is frugal, with a Capital F!! She and Dad take great delight in being good stewards of their finances, and she often saves WAY more than she spends at the grocery store with coupons, sales, etc. That allows them to purchase some things on the "wish list" for the Womens' Crisis Centers in their town, and they sometimes stop on their way home from the store to drop off some goodies they have scored with coupons, etc.

Anyway, I thought she might enjoy some cloth grocery sacks. I believe her store gives her a certain number of pennies off her order for each bag they don't have to provide for her, so here are two she can use, and if it's ever necessary, wash and reuse!

I got my embroidery machine going, making a cute design for each of the two bags I was making...

At the same time that I was constructing the basic bags on another machine! Efficiency!

I hit stash for this project, and of course, chose a green print for the outside....

and a somewhat coordinating print with green in it, for the inside.

Voila! I tucked two grocery pads in, each with an owl design (Mom collects owls and, at last count, Dad said there were 450+ owls in the house!) Happy Birthday Mom!!

Next project!

I'll be making another quilt top for the Crisis Centers this weekend. I cut this full-size one from stash, and realized afterwards that I had enough to also cut an additional twin size.

And I still have some of this fabric left. So I'm headed back to M&L's for additional gold (I know I saw more there!) and more white-on-off-white print.... There is a room at the center called the "family room" which has a double, two twins and a crib bed..... perhaps I will end up with coordinating quilts for the "big" beds in that room!

I hope to have a meeting of the "Red Hot Sew'n Sews" (our quilting friends group) and make string blocks for a few quilts for the Centers also! Just gotta set a date and shovel out the downstairs so everyone can sew here!

Sew Many Ideas, Sew Little Time!


Yvette said...

WOW!!! You sneaky devil. I had no idea you were sewing those bags for your mom. I LOVE them!!

We can always have our meeting at the Bunney Hutch, this way you don't have to get the shovel out. LOL!!

Jacque said...

Those bags are really cool - surely she will like them! You picked cute designs for the embroidered those, too.
I think the colorway for the next set of Crisis Center quilts is a great one. What a neat way to use up stash and gift the ladies/kids there with pretty quilts to snuggle under! Great work, sis! Love ya!

Joy said...

Yvette, I like your idea. The shovel is back in the garage!

Jacque, I'm cutting one for you to sew, this weekend!! You get the springy purples, lilacs and yellow greens.... if all goes as planned!

Off to check to see if Bunney Hutch has a calendar on their website!

Susan In Texas said...

Great idea for the grocery sacks. We just got a whole bunch of Aldi stores opening up here in the Metroplex. They are a discount grocer that actually CHARGES for bags, so now I'm motivated. 8)

Your Mom is going to love those bags!

Susan in Texas