Friday, May 15, 2009

Let there be cake....

Michael had a birthday celebration last weekend. It was a surprise. He was out in the backyard with his puppies enjoying the afternoon when his friend (also named Michael) stepped out of the patio door into the yard with him. I think I managed to surprise him this year. He and Michael had not seen each other in over a year. They worked together for years at Disney.

They caught up on people, events, politics, everything. I'm so glad they were able to enjoy an evening together!

Our "adopted" son Patrick, his better half TiJae (also Karen's best friend - I love the way my world is getting smaller!) and TiJae's son Cage were to have joined us.... but at the last minute, the plumbing backed up all over the entire home they are renting... Per Patrick, they could not shower, shave, poop, brush teeth, etc! They had to wait for the plumber to come and solve the mystery. So they missed the party and TiJae entertained us with her "twitters" regarding the joys of teaching Cage to pee outside on a slope, and how the neighborhood was being entertained by the antics of Bobby, the tiny Asian plumber as he extracted hair clogs from the plumbing line in the front yard! Her final twitter of the evening announced their new resolutions to avoid such a back-up in the future: Eat more fiber, and haircuts!

Jason was able to join us and we were glad to have a chance to catch up with him, too. Here is everyone digging into birthday cake....

And here's a picture of the cake Karen decorated for her dad.

We've decided that if this economy ever gives us a break, we would like to take the Wilton cake decorating class together. Michael's loving that idea: he gets to eat the homework and class projects, and we would never EVER pay $20.00+ again for a decorated cake for a celebration. He likes this cake just fine - it is the same recipe that was used for our wedding cake! - but I think he'd like it even better with piles of sugary flowers on it.... just say'n!

Happy Birthday Michael!


Yvette said...

Wow! I am so impressed with Karen's cake decorating ability. Can you imagine what it would be with a class?

Karene said...

Karen did a great job on this cake. Actually, it looks like she already has taken a class or two ! Very pretty !!

Jacque said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday Michael!! I did not get to send you a card, since there's been a lot going on here.....but your party looks fun, and your cake looks yummy!! The Bury girls are talented!!
Love to you all!