Friday, May 15, 2009

Orange Quilt Bee!!

I have been most remiss in not blogging about this sooner! Our much anticipated new Orange_Quilt_Bee store opened last weekend!

Karen and I went over early to hang out and chant "open! open! open!" while waiting. We were not alone! We met Ellen and Karene and more arrived very soon! Look at all of us peeking in and driving Pebbles and Lisa nuts as they rushed around with the rest of the staff, getting ready!

We could see our Teacher Extraordinairre inside bustling about with a vacuum.... Lisa scurrying back and forth wearing Bee Slippers! And even from a distance we could tell the fabric was drool-worthy! While we drooled, the line was growing!

Right before they let us in, Pebbles and Lisa came out for a quick picture! We were cheering! Then they stood back and the horde (that's us quilters!) descended on the new store!

Karen and I found a few fabrics we think we may "have" to go back and check out further..... ;)

And guess what I got for Mother's Day, the very next morning?! A gift certificate for Orange Quilt Bee! Apparently Michael was in the store a few hours after we were! Sneaky!! I'm looking forward to spending it!


Yvette said...

Isn't is nice to know we can visit our friends any time? Ahhhhhhhh

Karene said...

That was SEW much fun !!! I got two gift certificates from the store for my birthday....maybe we can meet there and spend them together !