Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dear Santa

Today I tackled a project in my sewing room that I've wanted to get to for a while. Every time I attempt to straighten it up or organize it, I find more stuff I fell in love with, bought at a quilt store, and then forgot I had when it became buried in my sewing room. I'm trying very hard to sew from stash, what with this Stinking Economy and all. I decided to see if I could utilize wall space and not spend a fortune.

While I was painting the picnic table and had out the drop cloths and plastic, I painted some pegboard and some 1 x 2s. I used the same color as the walls they will go on.

Tonight, I attached the pegboard to the 1 x 2s. If you imagine the letter H made of those 1 x 2s, and then cross the top of the H with another piece of the wood, you would now have a flat-topped A. I initially tried to hand saw the 1 x 2s with the little hacksaw we just got a supposedly new sharp blade for. That lasted about four strokes and then I got out the Big Bad Boy.

As I mentioned to Karene earlier, I do love me some power tools. They get the job done! Impresses the neighbors too, as it screams through the wood!

Now plop the pegboard on the frame you have made and screw it in.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a corded variable speed drill for my stocking this year. I know, cordless drills are all the rage, but I am old fashioned and I would like to KNOW that after I work all day, hustle my butt and all my tools up to the sewing room and industriously begin to screw 4,592 small screws into a project, that I will be able to complete it...... without the cordless drill battery going dead on the first screw.

This caused spiritual and physical distress for me today, as my bad language turned the air a tinge blue, and after I finished the creative cursing and sputtering, I was still mad, and I screwed all the screws in with my trusty flowered screw driver (thank you Daddy) and my carpal tunnel syndrome lost no time in surfacing in a big way. Ouch. I'll keep working on the language, but hopefully, mentioning this so early in the year will insure that you can put one in my stocking in December.

Yours truly, kiss, kiss, and yes, we'll leave out the usual dozens of cookies,

Joy Denise


I got the frames made, and used the rest of my "mad" to fuel the effort to move tables and get the frames propped against the walls, and then 3M'd them along the wall. No holes in the wall.

I will see how it feels tomorrow and if necessary, locate a stud in the top of each frame and use a single nail into the stud to reinforce/hold them up. These will hold patterns, rulers, thread rack (so Max the Wuss does not annihilate it again during his next panic attack...... ....don't ask!) and other gadgets.

Pegboard, 1 x 2s, screws/washers, and multipack of hangers, approximately $25.00. Not Bad!

Yay! Me likee! :)


Yvette said...

I am amazed you could do that. I think I better start watching HGTV more. LOL!

Karene said...

You are absolutely the Jack of All Trades, my friend !!! Looks fabulous !

Jacque said...

Awesome! You did a great job...and I bet Santa was listening!!