Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Are So Fortunate!


Joy said...

Yvette posted this, but it got stuck in email notification and would not load (blogger got smoke in it's eyes??!!)


I am so relieved that you are all safe. {{HUG}}

Ok, Where have you been hiding that red van? That is the coolest thing!


Karene said...

Oh my goodness !!! Those pictures were SCARY !! But, tell me.....who took the one of Karen going out briefly for gas????? I'm so happy and thankful you are all safe.

Love you my friend so much !

Joy said...

Actually, there were two trips down to that intersection! She went out for gas alone and took a number of pix out the window while driving....just holding camera out and snapping randomly, and actually got some decent shots! There was one trip she and her Dad made to see how it was going in the neighborhood, later, and she took pix from her side of the little red can see the front end in one picture, I think! We had tons of shots, but I tried to pick some that were representative. All in all, we just can't believe how close it came this time. We get fires every year. We get watchful several times a year. But this is only the second or third time in 16 years that we've loaded the vans! :)

Jacque said...

Praise the Lord you are all safe!! I hope the winds stay calmer now, and the firefighters can get all of the flames under control. Amazing pictures!!
It was a relief to see these (and to talk to you!). Love you all,

vicki said...

Thanks to the gods that you're all safe, Joy!