Thursday, November 06, 2008

More Cody Pix

I just knew I had more! Finally remembered to get them off the laptop and over to my regular computer.

The church my folks are attending right now has a really sweet minister who offered to let me use his internet signal whenever I needed to send/receive work.... So this time, my Cody branch office was not the KMart parking lot; it was the church parking lot or Fellowship Hall! Pastor's generosity saved me some internet charges! Here's Pastor and his oldest son, cutting up the son's first elk, in the Fellowship Hall kitchen, with lots of tables, good lighting, etc.

This didn't seem in the least bit out of the ordinary to me, in Cody....but I bet it would raise a few eyebrows back here in Orange County! They will enjoy that elk all winter. They had cut up several roasts, and ground up elk burgers... and I think they mentioned making sausage. Local meat, grown in truly free range style.... on a natural diet of grasses, no chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives.... Yum! The vegetarian side of my brain hesitates, but the meat-eating side of my brain is drooling!

On the way home from town one night, we spotted mule deer close enough to catch on camera... Look at these cuties!

(click on pic to embiggen! All those dots are eyes!)

And here's Mom feeding another couple of cuties!

Back at the house, in the sunroom, Dad keeps an eye on the 23 deer who regularly visit the back pasture.

You can see the quilt top I was making on the floor. The wooden structure Dad is kneeling beside is a carpeted lookout platform he built for Julie and Jinx.... They climb up and look for deer, horses, bunnies.... anything that moves! Well, when they are not basking in the sunlight, snoring....

Strangely, he hasn't seen as many deer since I left. (I don't think he's found the sign I painted and stuck up on the roof "Bambi, go home, deer season has started!")

Here's Mom dishing up Five Star delicious and healthy dinners! Thank you, Mom! Lost another two pounds while I visited - Yay!

Dad whipped out several knitted caps while I was there....

And here, we're tackling a most unfortunate knotty problem...

Mom was house/dog sitting for a friend, and I got to meet the Big Black Labs. Sweet dogs! Sweet B I G Dogs!

Here's a picture of the local quilt shop.... I was so overwhelmed when I got inside I completely forgot to take any pictures.

Fabric fumes, you know. Makes it hard to think.

Meanwhile, the was growing!

We had great weather the whole time I was there.... Beautiful views of snow capped mountains...

And a bit of a gentle breeze..... by Cody standards, anyway!!

Yep, 31 mph wind and a high of 47 degrees.... it felt Way Colder than 47!!

And presenting.... the local barn kitties!!

Here, Dad risks life and limb, to climb up the bales of hay and feed the cats in their private dining room.

I want you to sister gets it honest. This apparently is a patented family method of helping someone accomplish a chore at a great height...

See? Here she and her hubby are employing a similar technique for housepainting to the one Dad and Mom were using for kitty feeding!

But back to the kitties...

Here Dad dishes up the gourmet dinner. And they are very appreciative!

But even More Appreciative of the nice belly scratching session after they ate!

And the quilt is done!

I've already started an envelope to save for my next trip! Good night all! :)


Bridget said...

Thanks for the pix of Cody, one of my very best favorite places! The mountain view from the house is inspiring!

Bridget said...

That's so funny! I just looked at your profile and realize we are neighbors: I live in Corona.

Joy said...

Howdy neighbor!! That is too cool - small world, etc!
I love is a little more extreme in the cold weather than I would prefer, and I hope someday to retire somewhere a bit milder like east Tennessee... but the Cody landscape is an awesome inspiring sight! Mom and Dad looked out west for several years before picking Cody as their forever/retirement home.... :)

Jacque said...

Awww, the kitties are the cutest!! But then I guess I am a cat person... great pictures!That's probably the most I'll see of Cody!! Glad you had such a good visit, and the internet was more convenient for your work. Wouldn't it be nice if someone would pay us to quilt and use up our stash!! Heehee! Love you lots, Jacque

Yvette said...

I am going to stow away in your luggage next year. I will just sew while there is butchering going on. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt top! and feeding the kitty was too precious. Thank you for sharing so much with us!!!!

vicki said...

Cody is gorgeous! I'm so glad you had a good time. (And, I'm glad you're back to work, too!! LOL)