Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A bit of humor....

The sign at our freeway entrance.... If you click on the picture, the ground was still smoking when Karen took it! The right post is missing....

This was a neighborhood we passed in Yorba Linda yesterday.... The slopes were really torched, but the houses in this section were spared.

However, the fire's heat was so intense, the vinyl (resin?) fence melted!

The only thing I have ever thought about with those fences, was how great it would be to not have to paint them, and how they would never rot and fall over in the Santa Ana winds we get around here....

I never thought about heat resistance!

And one last thing..... Michael surprised me with an anniversary gift on Sunday and the pictures today were taken with it.... A new camera! It's so tiny! I love it.... and I spent some time taking random pix getting used to it.

Ummm..... Karen was getting silly trying to explain how easy it was, and posing for me.

While Mr. B gave TuffBoy some attention.....

Thirty years, today! I think we'll try for another thirty!



Yvette said...


I have yet to make it 30 months with anyone. LOL!! I guess that is why I bought my own camera. tee hee!!

Jacque said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I missed it on my calendar (must have been under the note about Pirates of Penzance!). Hard to believe we both have made it thirty years so far, huh?! I guess we "caught" some good hubbies - too good to throw back!
Hope ya'll had a wonderful day! Congratulations, and WE LOVE YOU!!

Karene said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend !!! I hope Craig and I can celebrate our 30th next September!


Joy said...

I hope so too, Karene! I think I'll duct tape my left toes on your behalf!!